Free Spire Service Update


To determine if your Spire has the new style or original backplate, click here.


Effective immediately, all Virtue Spire 200 and Spire 260 owners are eligible for a free service update. Virtue has developed a new fully enclosed backplate for the Spire, which enhances reliability. Rather than issue the service update for only those Spires within a specific serial number range all Virtue Spire users can receive the new update for the cost of shipping.

Changes with the New Back Plate

The new backplate features the following manufacturing, material, and part design changes:

  • Fully enclosed power button, led cover, and springs.
  • Screwless installation – simply line the backplate up, snap into place and install the retention pin from the bottom.
  • New Stronger Nylon material.
  • Available for Spire 260 or 200.
  • Available in 11 color options.

Due to high demands of incoming requests, if you have multiple Spires, this form will need to be filled out and submitted (added to cart) for each Spire. If you wish to send in all the Spire’s at once and have Virtue perform the update for free on each Spire please contact Virtue directly.

Please allow up to 2-weeks for processing.

Payment Processing