Virtue VIO Thermal Lens | Replacement Paintball Goggle Lens

The VIO’s large thermal lens offers the best field of view and can be removed and replaced in seconds thanks to the integrated Hinge Lock™. VIO optics are designed to maximize clarity and perception without fogging thanks to the thermal pane lens and anti-fog coatings. With Virtue’s heavy duty impact resistant lens technology, your eyes will not only be safe from paintballs and UV rays, but the field will look better than ever.

The advanced Chromatic lens are unparallelled in performance and scratch resistance. Most chrome plated lenses not only distort your vision, but begin flaking off with the first impact. However, Virtue’s Chromatic lenses are fuzed with metallic scratch resistant coatings that maximize durability without distorting your view or drastically altering color balance.


There are no definitive rules when it comes to lens selection. We all see things a bit differently and have different opinions as to what looks best. However, the following guide might be helpful if you’re having a hard time deciding which lens to use. Whatever choice you make, it’s always preferable to have at least two different lenses to be prepared for varying conditions. For a “through the lens” view of what each lens looks like, watch this video:

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