Virtue Spire Shell Only | 200 & 260 Round Shell Upgrade

Increase the capacity of your standard Spire with a Spire 260 (or 200) shell upgrade. Shell kit comes complete for tool-less assembly and easy swapping back and forth. Simply install the tray and back shell from your existing Spire and go play!



What's smaller than competing loaders, yet still holds 260 rounds? Still Smaller, Lighter, Holds More,... Go to page...

VIDEO: Spire260 Promotional Video

What's smaller than competing loaders and yet still holds 260 rounds?

Hold 45% More Paint

Hold a massive 260 rounds and still play with a smaller profile thanks to the vertically stacked gearbox and the unique angular shape of the Spire. By housing the gearbox in a vertical stack inside of the Spire Drive™, the Spire 260 is not only shorter than typical "hi cap" loaders, but also shorter than competing standard size loaders as well.


  • Complete top and bottom shell kit.
  • Allows for quick tool-ess upgrade or transition back and forth with std. Spire and Spire260.
  • True 260™ Capacity. Holds 260 paintballs.
  • Extremely Tough Shells: made from glass filled nylon.

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